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CEE 7-7 'Schuko' Inlet
Surface Mount

Flush Mount 

  • Mount the inlet to your equipment.
  • Power up your equipment with a GFCI or RCD that has a Schuko connector.
  • Weatherproof CEE 7 'Schuko' Inlet with lift lid
  • Available in Flush Mount or Surface Mount
  • 2 Pole 3 Wire Grounding
  • 16 Amps 250 Volts
  • Colors available are shown below
  • VDE Approval
Part Number Panel
Configuration Amps Volts   Approvals Protection Wiring Color Dimensions
70190 Surface Schuko 16 250   VDE Weatherproof 2P 3W Black see below
70195 Flush Schuko 16 250   VDE Weatherproof 2P 3W White see below

Surface Mount Type         Mounting

Flush Mount Type              Mounting